title: "**HTTP/2 feature 요약**"
description: "**HTTP/2 feature 요약**"
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Feature Summary

HTTP/1(HTTP 1.X)와 마찬가지로 application protocol over TCP

Persistent Connection 기반

근거(RFC9113) : HTTP/2 connections are persistent. For best performance, it is expected that clients will not close connections until it is determined that no further communication with a server is necessary (for example, when a user navigates away from a particular web page) or until the server closes the connection.

효율적 Connection 사용(다수의 request/response에 대해서 조차 단일 connection 유지)

근거(RFC9113) : Clients SHOULD NOT open more than one HTTP/2 connection to a given host and port pair, where the host is derived from a URI, a selected alternative service [ALT-SVC], or a configured proxy.

Only TLS - HTTPS(not HTTP). Plain HTTP는 지원하지 않음.

근거(RFC9113) : Implementations of HTTP/2 MUST use TLS version 1.2 [TLS12] or higher for HTTP/2 over TLS

Binary Protocol (NOT Text)

근거(RFC9113) : Finally, HTTP/2 also enables more efficient processing of messages through use of binary message framing.